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Pink Opal Cosplay



Robin Terpstra, aka Pink Opal Cosplay, is a multi-talented cosplay – with special focuses in wig styling for any characters from anime to horror games, special effects makeup, and bringing characters from anime and manga to life.

Robin started cosplaying during the COVID-19 Pandemic in 2020 – having always had a passion for special effects make-up, Robin started to delve deeper into his passion to better hone his skills in SFX media and application. While attending their first convention in 2017, they were inspired to segue into cosplay while overcoming adversity and stigmas. Being a member of the LGBTQ community, Robin has utilized his stance to bring awareness and acceptance to the belief that ANYONE can cosplay.

Robin has cosplayed a multitude of characters with ease – hand-sewing most of their costumes!

Robin’s award-winning costumes have inspired others to follow suit and enjoy the cosplay community!
When Robin isn’t making videos for his TikTok or crafting new costumes, he is working a fulltime job and attending college full time, working towards a degree in early childhood development keeping those young minds inspired, too!

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