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Prop & Model Commissions

Pink Petal Dev – Custom Commission Info

Brie | She/They

Located in Traverse City, Michigan, USA

Custom Commissions – Cosplay Prop 3D Modeling and Printing Services

NOTE: All custom commission prices stated are starting prices and are in USD. Prices for the project will vary depending on the size and complexity of your project.

Addition customization such as LED or electronic compatibility, assembling/collapsible pieces, magnets, etc. will be an additional cost and depends on the requirement.

Item StylePrint Kit3D Model ONLY3D Model and PrintFinished Prop
~3.5 Foot Prop$150+$100+$200+$400+
~4.5 Foot Prop$200+$150+$250+$600+
Polearm Components*$150+$100+$200+$250+
Small Props$25+$50+$75+$100+
Cosplay Accessories$25+$50+$75+$100+
* Components are partial pieces intended to attach to a PVC pipe or similar

Payment is in USD and a 50% non-refundable deposit must be paid prior to any work being started on the custom commission.

Unless otherwise stated, all 3D modeled commissions or similar services provided are for PERSONAL USE ONLY. They may not be used for commercial use without express written consent – if you would like to use these for commercial use, additional fees are required, please reach out for additional information. This includes casts or molds made of the finished designs.

Small revisions to the design are free, but major revisions will require an additional fee.

I reserve the right to refuse your commission for any reason without the requirement to state the cause.

I may post about it on my social media (unless requested otherwise).

Watermarked work-in-progress updates will be sent during the modeling process to ensure you are happy with the product as the modeling progresses and a final draft will be sent to ensure your happiness prior to any print kits being started.

I reserve the right to add the 3D model file(s) and/or prop(s) as a finished prop or print kit for other cosplayers to purchase after the commission is completed. This does not apply to customized or heavily personalized designs.

RUSH ORDERS: Rush orders are +50% of the quoted price. Anything less than a 3 week notice will require a rush order fee. No exceptions.


  • Cosplay props exceeding 4.5 feet in any dimension – they’re impractical, toe the line of acceptability at conventions, and cost a fortune to ship.
  • Form-fitting designs or wearables – they’re too difficult to ensure the fit on when creating the designs without a full body scan and precise measurements.

Please take a look at my previous works in my portfolio to determine if my work is best suited for your needs and project requirements. And thank you for your consideration.